birthday soleil.

out of the two of us i am definitely the party planner. but it is a little tricky to be your own birthday party planner.

last year i admit the day was kind of sad. christian had class and i didn’t have anything marvelous planned. luckily he sweet talked his professor into letting him miss class and he was there when i got home. a great birthday surprise. another birthday of note was my 30th. he was super sick, but that didn’t stop him from making it special.

this year was my turn to not feel so great. he left for work in the morning and told me there were some surprises downstairs.

35 years.jpg

i was impressed with my birthday loot! especially the tickets to cirque du soleil that night. it was my fourth show (our third together) and i love it! knowing us, you won’t be surprised that we know the exact side street to park on to avoid the parking fees. the only downside to the evening was the fact that i was unintentionally sharing my chair with the lady next to me.

it was a perfect evening, although i never got a birthday cake. i was hoping for a birthday blizzard but all the dairy queens were closed… so a macdonald’s swirl cone it was. wait, actually, it wasn’t. did you know they don’t have swirl cones anymore!? i opted for a chocolate dipped cone as we drove home.

my birthday kept on giving that whole next week. it looks like i’ll be busy.

birhtday books.jpg


6 thoughts on “birthday soleil.

  1. Let us know what you think of the books. That is a pretty impressive stack. I was going to check out the Rent Collector at our library, but I was number 30 on the waiting list. It must be good.

  2. David Sadaris is amazing. You’ll love it. If I wrote books they would be like his. Just the right amount of snark. 🙂

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