1st valentine.jpgwe didn’t do a very good job of spacing out our celebrations. one month after our anniversary is my birthday. and a week after that is valentines. christian’s birthday hangs out all alone at the end of summer.

early on christian warned me of his anti-valentine’s day sentiments. but little surprises always appear. that very first valentines i was gifted my favorite little jars. they are from a hardware store in madison valley. we always made a point to window shop there on our walks down to lake washington.  now they sit in a little window sill.

last month we went to our friend’s annual dance party and i was struck with what a difference 17 years can make.

just this month there was a big student government reunion that i was sad to miss. our high school hasn’t pulled off an actual reunion yet (we can always hope for our 20th, right? right?) i realized that of anyone i wanted to see from high school it was mostly my stugo friends and connections. so this student government one was kind of a big deal.

my senior year i was a student body officer. i was well aware of all the prom plans but did not have a date. i remember “dress shopping” with some friends at the biltmore. the shopping is in quotes because while they were legitimately dress hunting, i was just tagging along. i did not have money for an expensive dress and i did not have a date. but that didn’t stop me from trying on a deep purple $440 dress at the nicole miller store. 17years later.jpg

i brought my mom back so she could sketch it in the dressing room. luckily we stumbled upon the actual pattern. my mom made that dress for $40. but i still didn’t have a date. i ended up calling my friend from church who happened to be our rival high school’s mascot. he agreed to take me to my prom. i drove my grandma’s boat of a car. i don’t remember much else about that night, other than the fact that i really loved my dress.

so here we were 17 years later getting ready for this dance party. i suggested we wear matching shirts and go as a “sadie’s hawkins” dance theme. christian was wary of this plan. mostly because to effectively pull it off we needed matching braided belts. switching gears i told him to put on a suit. we will be prom! i said. but what dress will you wear? he asked a little unsure. my prom dress. i stated matter-of-factly.

i made sure his shirt and tie coordinated well with my dress. luckily he reminded me we needed corsages. i made us some purple tissue paper flowers. and that night, in that dress, i was glad that i didn’t have some amazing date for my senior prom. i was glad it kind of sucked. because this, well, even 17 years later, this made up for that and then some.




heart biscuits for my valentine on the actual night.
he spent it in class while i probably watched the food network.

valentine biscuits.jpg


One thought on “valentine.

  1. Thank you Sister Stapley for assistance with the measuring! You look absolutely beautiful – both of you! (Do you remember how many places we had to go just scouting out the grape crepe/knit fabric? Oh my gosh.)

    Lurves you.

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