we are young.

if you ever want to be reminded that you are, perhaps, no longer as young as you like to think, step in to a zumiez.

that’s what leslie and i did one chilly, early january morning. we got to the outlets when they opened at 10am that saturday. right along with all the other senior citizens.

i was on a mission to find warm beanies and leggings for my sister rachel getting buried by snow in rexburg. i had done my research the night before online and had some good beanies picked out. we stepped in to the empty skate shop feeling pretty hip. leslie with her orange chuck taylors, me with my classic black ones. i was even wearing skinny jeans. shopping at zumiez in your mid-30s? piece of cake.

the eager sales kid asked if he could help us. i told him i was looking for 18-year-old-college-girl-warm-beanies. he thought that was a funny description.  he asked me how she dressed. i said converse, skinny jeans, graphic tees, hoodies – basically she dresses like a zumiez model. he pointed out some knitted things that looked more like a hobo accessory than something to keep my sister’s head and ears warm. i decided to stick with the beanies i found online.

at check out i asked if they had a triple a discount. totally not a cool thing to ask. the kid looked super confused. he asked his manager. no triple a discount. which makes sense. i don’t think too many triple a subscribers are stocking up on skate and snowboard gear. the kid did his obligatory pitch for a zumiez card – i declined.

we turned to be on our way but he called after me. hey, said the 20-something sales kid, you’re like the only person who has an awesome dmv picture! nice job!

and with that leslie and i barely made it out of that store before we died laughing.

love is a battlefield, pat benatar


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