you know the kid who chases you at recess? or teases you relentlessly? he’s the one who actually likes you. but you don’t ever realize that in the moment.

christian loves to tease me about my television choices. when he isn’t pestering me about ncis he is egging me on about my favorite detectives on psych. just this week he riled me up by referring to psych as scrubs. he claims it’s essentially the same show complete with identical plots and characters. lassiter is to kelso as jules is to elliot as gus is to turk as jd is to shawn.

then today i get this text showing all kinds of false concern over the well-being of my psych friends:psych

and then i remembered, that before he was my husband, he was my “friend” in seattle who would email me. about the oc. i would look for his emails in the middle of the night at my tv station and play along.

On 8/22/05, J Christian wrote:
question: do you want the OC dvds? i finished watching them. comments: i hate oliver. what a punk. discrepancy: weren’t they juniors during the first season? so that would make them seniors the second season but they’re still in high school in season 3. what’s up with that? question: how can jimmy just forget everything julie did and take her back? i mean, she got around while they were separated, including with a highschooler. plus, she had no good reason to divorce him in the first place. why does he want her back? question: did marisa kill trey? he looked dead in the finale. question: will they find traces of the sleeping pills julie put in caleb’s drink? i hope she gets what’s coming to her. question: how can ryan just forget that marisa was a lesbian for a few weeks? christian

On 8/23/05, robin marie wrote:now to your OC inquiries: yes i would like the dvds… that is unless you have become far too attached to them. let’s just say i can match anyone else’s offer. oliver – yes he is a lame-o dork and i was thoroughly annoyed with marissa during all of that. school year… hmmm… i hadn’t thought about it. i guess they should have been seniors, huh? i wonder what will happen in season three!? i guess we’ll find out soon. jimmy – i guess he’s just hopelessly in love with the woman he married… except for when he’s hitting it with haley or kissing kiersten. trey – yes he looked dead… it was quite dramatic with the slow-mo effects… that’s the big cliff hanger. we don’t know. sleeping pills/caleb/julie- yikes. i don’t know. that would be a problem. all i know is that imogen heap was singing as they drove to the funeral and i’m going to see her tomorrow!!! lesbian issues – doesn’t that somehow turn guys on? robin

On 9/29/05 J Christian wrote:
i knew it!! i called charlotte scamming kiki for money. and i called dean hess working it with taylor townsend which will lead to his dismissal and the reinstatement of marisa and ryan. too easy. what are the odds julie cooper kills herself??

On 9/29/05, J Christian wrote: don’t read my email with the subject “the oc”!!!!
sorry, i forgot you probably didn’t see this week’s yet. if you read the email i sent earlier it will ruin the plots for you!!!

On 9/30/05, robin marie wrote:
wow. yes i saw it tonight…. but i didn’t see last week’s so i’m still slightly confused! how did kirsten get home?! how did ryan get back inprivate school?! where did jimmy go!?!?

On 10/3/05, J Christian wrote:
do you find it funny that your little sisters don’t watch the OC bc they think it’s a bad show and yet you, the big sister, is a stalker fan??

On 10/5/05, robin marie wrote: my little sisters are also the girls who think maury povich, dr. phil and divorce court are funny shows that should be watched often… and “stalker” fan? now that just makes me sound creepy…. it’s not like i dress up in mischa barton’s outfits and dance with a life size photo of benjamin mckenzie….

On 11/8/05, J Christian wrote:
i finally watched last week’s episode today. i told you it’s the same story every time!!! ryan or marisa does something stupid to make the other one mad, they fix it and make up, and then the other one does something. ahhh!!! how can marisa all of a sudden ditch ryan for johnny????? never fear, it’ll be fixed in a few episodes!!!! i’m excited for lost tomorrow, though.

On 11/9/05, robin marie wrote:
whine whine whine… you sure are a fair weathered oc watcher… i guess if you’re okay with that, then sobeit. go watch the crazy lost show that just keeps getting weirder by the minute!

On 11/9/05, J Christian wrote:
come on, you know it’s true!!!!! every character is so predictable!!!!! ryan’s going to punch someone by the end of the season, guaranteed. i predict that marisa will go for johnny, ryan will try to get back at her by going for some girl who will probably be johnny’s cousin or marisa’s little sister or something. i’m curious about charlotte, though. since she’s  scam artist i don’t know how exactly she is buying this condo for julie…kiki and sandy will get in a fight, probably sandy will do something stupid this time, but they’ll get over it. and the writers are about to screw with seth and summer bc things are a little boring with them right now. although i do like it how they stuck it to taylor townsend.

On 11/9/05, robin marie wrote:
even after all of that HS drama… i’m still a ryan girl… and i definitely HEART chino.

On 4/5/06, J Christian wrote:
are you still watching the OC? i’ve been reading the summaries on the fox website. i can’t believe johnny died!! marisa is such a punk. what a problem child. i heard that seth and summer are  going to have some rocky times soon. and i also heard that the season finale will be huge and shocking. christian

On 4/4/06, robin marie wrote:
i missed two episodes somewhere in there last month because i was moving etc. but i saw the most recent two and wow oh wow. yes johnny died and yes marissa is a drunk (and apparently a coke addict) again. she is also dating mr. slimy that started dating johnny’s girlfriend, remember? ryan has a new flame (randomly johnny’s cousin?!) and sandy has some shady stuff going down at the job. you’ll just have to get the dvds like you did last time. just try not to remind your mom that i’m the reason for the addiction. robin

and that, is apparently how you get a husband.


4 thoughts on “flirt.

  1. You could have, of course, bonded over Justin Bieber albums. You may have made the better choice. Congratulations on getting a husband! Overall they are pretty nice to have around. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the OC, and I love that your husband watched it, and can we talk about how the last season was HORRIBLE? After Marissa died it all went downhill… xo

  3. Please don’t tell me that Shawn and Juliet are breaking up. I have to agree that Scrubs and Psych are basically the same show, but somehow Psych is way better!

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