i want to love you madly.

luray caverns-aug2006
Luray Caverns, Virginia

something about this summer is making me think of a summer seven years ago.

before christian left on his latest work trip to chicago, i made him recount for me how we happened. how he picked me. how, after three years of friendship and sporadic correspondence, we ended up being in love one weekend in august and planning a december wedding from opposite sides of the country.

he humored my questions.

i thought back to our first weekend together after a year of not seeing each other. i took him to charlottesville. we ate pizza. the next day we drove to luray caverns. on the drive back to my studio apartment i picked music from his ipod and was excited we liked the same music. we talked easily. we were comfortable. i worried that maybe we were just good friends. i didn’t feel twitterpatted. but i felt calm.

i feel like our courtship and wedding planning was a blur. i tend to be much more emotional at friends’ weddings than i was at my own.

last month we drove to spokane to be at fianna‘s wedding. i was looking forward to it all year, although i was kind of a slacker. it wasn’t until the weekend before that i realized i didn’t fit in any of my dresses. and i couldn’t wear just anything to this wedding. fianna is fancy and fashionable. my friend kristen answered my distress call. she came offering jewelry and clothing options. we ended up going to the mall and finding a cute dress on clearance.

during the ceremony, as we stood and looked back to see fianna enter, i couldn’t help the tears. i just cried. cried for a wonderful friend who had found happiness with a great guy. i was so honored to be part of that gathering. to witness that moment.

the dinner and reception was perfectly fianna down to the all the diamond favors and the candy bar. our table was fabulous and it was fun to get to know her friends i’d heard so much about. there was even a video flip book station. it was our favorite. we danced for 60 seconds in front of a camera and went home with the funniest flip book ever.

i told christian i was ready to go and that i just needed to say good-bye to fianna. i found her on the dance floor, and well, i had to dance. the next song that came on was awesome so i kept dancing. and the next. at some point i realized everyone was staring at me. apparently a pregnant girl booty dancing looks pretty funny. someone was worried the baby would fall out – i wouldn’t mind if that actually worked! i turned and saw christian with my whole dinner table laughing.

he was smiling. he knew i couldn’t just walk onto a dance floor… i had to get a few shakes in first.fiannas wedding.jpg

love you madly; cake


2 thoughts on “i want to love you madly.

  1. You guys are simply perfect for eachother! Glad you ended up together- and I love the visual image of you dancing- pretty awesome. 🙂

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