the phone call.

a few weeks ago my phone rang and i answered expecting it to be my friend. after a prolonged pause with some breathing i said a second, more tentative hello? and then a rushed voice said, sister markanich?

it was carsen. one of my sunday school kids from last year. the same carsen who loves world war II, hawaii and his baby nieces.

a little surprised, but a lot amused, i started chatting with carsen.

he told me about his summer schedule: breakfast-sponge bob-swimming in the hot tub. he assured me his dad put cold water in the hot tub for him to swim. he filled me in on his newest baby niece and told me about his sister’s new fiance. he suggested with her new last name-to-be of jones he was hoping for a nephew named indianna. he then told me his future sons would be named gerald, harrison and henry to go with the last name ford.

he complained that his friend sundi wasn’t answering the phone. i told him sundi was in utah with her family. he seemed a little peeved i knew sundi’s whereabouts when he was seemingly not in the loop.

racking my brain for conversation topics with a 10-year old i asked about his dog and his army figurines. carsen likes to set them up ready for a different battle. those mini soldiers were currently warring it out in the movie room.

after a few lulls in our very random conversation, carsen said he was annoyed that none of his friends were answering their phones to come swim in his hot tub… crickets… i wasn’t sure if carsen was wanting me to come and swim in his hot tub.

well, carsen said with some finality after another pause, i’ll see you around!

the phone call


2 thoughts on “the phone call.

  1. Smile. (I think I’m going to start using that word instead of a gratuitous LOL.) Carsen is a very darling 10 year old boy. His little personality is a hint at the man he will be someday– a little bit corny, a whole lot sweet, true his entire life, and potentially a little bit curmudgeonly. If he starts buying balloons, he will turn into Carl Fredrickson.

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