if he don’t go to sleepy-o.

i’ve hit the milestone where sleep alludes me.

it takes me hours to fall asleep even though my eyes and body want to desperately. when i do, i wake almost hourly to turn over or use the bathroom. all the while the little babyo is awake right along with me. he often reacts, letting me know fiercely, when he doesn’t like the position i’m in.

we asked my doctor last week if the little round bulge that dances next to and above my belly button was the bottom or the head. the doctor palmed that little orb and promptly declared it the head. now, christian loves to hunt for the it and pester him until he moves. do you feel that!? he asks excitedly. yes, the little guy is inside of me, i respond.

last night it wasn’t just the little baby-o that wouldn’t sleep. the big baby-o tossed and turned next to me with a crazy fever. the heat reached me at my spot perched on the very edge of the bed.

meu-vicentewhen i was little we learned the old folk song, what’ll i do with my babyo. i’d sing it to my baby siblings as i rocked them to bed. i’d sing it to other babies when i babysat. and while in mozambique one summer, i sang it every night at the orphanage to meu vicente, along with sou um filho de deus. i thought that maybe, just maybe, if i could come back, he’d remember that i sang.

early on in our marriage i taught christian the song and soon we called each other babyo.

the reality of tomorrow is hitting me. tomorrow i can say that next month i am having a baby. a different little person will become the babyo.

we only ever had the sheet music for this lullaby. what i found online was slightly more twangy than we would sing, and definitely not as innocent. we learned a much tamer version, instead of pouring moonshine in his mouth, we spoke of moonbeams. maybe there is something to the moonshine trick…

{what will i do with my baby-o? what will i do with my baby-o! what will i do with my baby-o, if he don’t go to sleep-e-o. i’ll wrap him up in calico, wrap him up in calico, i’ll wrap him up in calico, and send him off-a to his daddy-o. i’ll send him north and i’ll send him south! i’ll send him north and i’ll send him south. i’ll send him north and i’ll send him south, i’ll put a little moon beam in his mouth. i’ll ask the morning dove to sing, a sleeping song on feathered wing, and then my baby he won’t cry, he’ll be a-sleeping, by and by. oh, what will i do with my baby-o? what will i do with my baby-o. what will i do with my baby-o – if he don’t go to sleep – e – o.}


5 thoughts on “if he don’t go to sleepy-o.

  1. I love family lullabies!
    Here is ours:
    “Oh, what shall I do?”
    Said the kind kangaroo.
    “If I had a cradle, I’d rock it.
    But my baby is small,
    So I think after all,
    I’ll carry it ’round in my pocket!”
    Good luck in the next month. This one was always one of my hardest– too big to be comfortable, always going to the bathroom, so tired while being strangely energized, and waiting, waiting, waiting while everyone asks, “Has it happened yet?!”

  2. Oh my goodness – oh my goodness! I have not read your blog in a few months and reading this post made me want to do a happy dance for you! My miracle baby is 4 months old now and it has been such an unbelievably amazing time. I can’t wait for you to meet your little man.

  3. Bidee! The Baby-o song was on that Sesame Street record. I wrote the third verse because I felt it was too short. I never saw a sheet music version of it, but taught it to you inspired by the version sung by Bob McGrath, “Bob” on Sesame Street. All it was identified as was, “an old Appalachian Lullabye”. I made up the two harmony parts singing to myself on a tape player in the kitchen of the mobile home in Tempe. Later, Asia’s Choir group sang it in 5 part harmony, I think she arranged that. You have to make a video of the hand motions! I made those up. Don’t forget to slap the back of your hand in your other hand on the first syllable of “calico”.

    Found it! Bob sings with Kathryn Smithrim – but you can only hear a few seconds of it: http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/window/media/page/0,,128788-10602280,00.html

    I lurves you forever.

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