i am usually on the planning end of a shower. after dozens and dozens of showers i am much more comfortable with that role.

i thought perhaps i could just deflect the focus on me and meet up with friends for a casual lunch or something of the sort. but tally and debi had a different plan last month.

my seattle shower included women i had worked closely with at church through the young women program as well as our former bishop’s wife and my former relief society president. both women who loved us and cared for us as if we were their own children during our time in seattle. sister romish was always invested in our well-being both on the job front and the baby front. she was also a big fan of christian offering up many cheek kisses. sister shriber welcomed us in to her home with her own family many times for christmas. she is not only a good listener, but an amazing decorator and comedian.

several of my young women came as well. it was a shock to see them all grown up. starting high school. starting college. returning from missions. having babies.

seattle became my home for nearly five years. i fought it fiercely. i was hung up on virginia. i had quit my job. left my friends. moved across the country and gotten married. i was desperately homesick for the other washington.

as i made the drive to debi’s home, just down madison from our apartment, i passed over what used to be my 520 bridge. i took what used to be my lake washington exit and wound through the arboretum and under the old bridge i’d run past. i was flooded with longing for that first home we had. that area. those people.

the shower was gorgeous out on debi’s back patio with berries and salads and icy pops and marionberry pie. it was made more special by the fact that just the year before i had thrown tally her shower for her long-awaited little sam.

last night i had another celebration. it was with my work ladies from my job that sustained us the first five years of our marriage. it has been a year since i left, but i made some wonderful friends there who i am so grateful for. fianna even surprised me and made the drive from wenatchee to be there.

we met at my favorite mexican restaurant, caught up on each other’s lives, laughed, and ate. i’m kicking myself that i didn’t take one picture last night. not even of my food! maybe that goes to show you how great all those ladies are. i left filled in more ways than one.

both times i was showered with such generosity and love and gifts that it has really overwhelmed us.


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