growing pains.

on my tanner side there are quite a bit of cousins. we grew up spending the week of pioneer day in st. johns. that northeastern arizona town holds so much of my family history and a large chunk of my heart.

cousinsi am cousin #9 with the stylish sunglasses.
cousin #1 is eliza.

despite the age difference i always paid attention to what eliza was doing. she got good grades, she attended byu, she went on a mission and she studied communications. she even married a boy from my home stake whose dad was my seminary teacher at one point.

when i got home from my mission i registered for one of my next comms courses. in the right hand column for the professor’s name it just showed staff. both eliza professor tanner and i were pretty surprised that first day of class when i walked in and she was sitting at the front of the room.

while we shared the same last name, my classmates and the rest of the kids in the newsroom didn’t catch on for quite a while – tanner is a fairly common mormon name. when eliza’s husband, a byu poly-sci professor, came to our class one day and kept calling me by my familial nickname of bi, people started to wonder what was up.

i remember one day my favorite broadcasting professor called me in to his office to specifically ask if it was true that eliza tanner and robin tanner were related. our personalities are kind of opposite so i guess that is why he was surprised. he seemed to accept that we were cousins after i explained that my family was much more liberal growing up where television viewing was concerned!

eliza’s in-laws now live on the olympic peninsula. every so often i’ll run in to them at the temple and that is always a blast from the past. a few months ago eliza and her family stopped by on their way to visit their family. i got to meet her newest little guy henry. the kids ran all over our steep backyard and explored our house.

her oldest two were quick to discover two things – christian’s side business of investment legos (it’s kind of hard to overlook an entire bedroom stocked with boxes much like a lego store) and our bookcase full of movies and dvds. in that moment i thought back to my explanation to my professor years ago about being raised on mucho tv as the boys stared, mouths agape, at some of our selections that were probably not watchable in their home. i’m sure they had a pretty funny conversation on the last leg of their drive to sequim!

after we ate all the kids used the bathroom including a diaper change for henry. and then they were off.

i didn’t give a second thought to that diaper. sitting in our garbage can. in our garage. during one of the hottest weeks of seattle weather.

christian was out of town and got back just in time the next week to put the trash out for pick up. he was doing some last minute clean up in the garage and opened the garbage can. a smell to end all smells filled the entire area. he stared at me in horror and then looked in the garbage can.

oh, i sheepishly said, there’s a baby diaper in there.

that’s from one diaper!? for a moment he was speechless, and then, you have a poop factory inside you!

needless to say, for the guy who has never changed a diaper in his life… he is in for quite a shock.


3 thoughts on “growing pains.

  1. Sorry about that diaper! We don’t go near our garbage can in the summer if we can help it…and Kirk gets to take the diapers to the garbage can that I toss out the back door (bagged, of course). We loved visiting you and hope we can see you (and the expanded family!) again on one of our trips.

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