i want it painted black.

the other night i turned off the tv after watching a riveting episode of covert affairs.

{christian loves to make fun of any and all tv shows i watch. his favorite jokes are to text me with something like, “the dvr recorded psych on accident. i’m going to delete it okay?” or while i’m watching a show he’ll ask questions about the characters and plot every three minutes. not annoying at all.}

the house was pretty quiet. i didn’t hear him upstairs so i turned off the lights downstairs only to find lights on in the office, the bedroom and the baby room.

he wasn’t in bed and he wasn’t sitting at the desk. i was confused until i peeked in to the baby room. he was passed out in the baby chair. arms hanging over the sides. legs dangling across the ottoman. head tilted back. mouth open.

my sister is mad i didn’t get a picture, but i laughed so hard when i saw him that he woke right up. what are you doing? i asked. i was sleeping, he said all groggy as he stumbled to the bedroom. but how did you end up in the baby room? i pushed. i went to sit in the chair, it was comfortable, and i fell asleep. looks like i picked out a good chair.

he has been wiped out lately as he feverishly tries to finish a dozen house projects. and let’s face it. i’m not much help at all.

baby mobile.jpgsaturday he hung the curtains in the baby room and installed the baby mobile. sometimes i walk in the room just to look at the mobile. it was a christmas gift from my sister asia. it has sat, snuggly tucked, in tissue paper in its box, waiting patiently. kind of like the car seat we have now.

but not the stroller.

that we have yet to purchase since there seems to be a little disagreement.

i want peacock. christian insists on black. i love color! he loves to play it safe. just in case the babyo takes after his tastes, i need to start that kid early on color indoctrination!

paint it black; rolling stones


13 thoughts on “i want it painted black.

  1. Get the peacock. When you are at the zoo and you have to leave your stroller outside of every indoor exhibit and you come out and there are 20 black strollers lined up that all look exactly the same, you’ll be glad you can quickly spot your bright peacock stroller.

  2. Regardless of what color your go with, Paint It Black is the best Rolling Stones song ever. Did Christian watch the TV show Tour of Duty by any chance when he was growing up?

      1. That’s right! I think I remember you telling me that before. (Having kids makes you lose your memory, so you can look forward to that too.)

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