so kiss me and smile for me.

people keep asking me if i have been nesting.

if nesting includes watching copious amounts of television, laying down often and reading many library books, then yes, i have been nesting.

but i’m pretty sure that isn’t part of the nesting deal. christian on the other hand is definitely nesting. he has house projects coming out of his ears. he comes home from work each night and starts in on his second job. thanks to friends he learned how to do the back splash in the kitchen and finished it up. he replaced our microwave with a hood vent. he painted the entire house. he is working on phase two of the back yard which involves a pick and 60 pound retaining wall blocks. and now he is digging holes in our rocky side yard to extend our fence up to the front of the property line.

somewhere in the middle of all these hgtv renovations he starting harassing me about packing my bag. my bag for the hospital. when i will push out a baby.

i have put it off for weeks claiming we had time. and then this week hit and i realized time is running out. still, that realization didn’t fill me with urgency to pack. packing a bag seemed overwhelming. it seemed like i was saying, come on babyo i’m ready! and to be honest i’m still pretty freaked out about the whole labor and delivery process. plus there seems to be too much pressure on what the baby wears and what i wear when we leave the hospital. i don’t even know what size the baby will be!

christian packed his bag this week. complete with his charged up nintendo DS. he repeatedly pesters me, have you packed your bag yet? to which i respond in song, every time, all my bags are packed and i’m ready to go… he doesn’t think i’m amusing but i die laughing.

the byu/utah game is coming up the saturday before my due date.

do you think the hospital will have espn? i asked. attempting to rile him up.

don’t worry, he said, i won’t miss it. i’ll just come home and watch it while you push the baby out. i gave him the stink eye.

but it’s the utah game! he insisted.

nice try. i think i’ll go pack my bag.

leaving on a jet plane; john denver


14 thoughts on “so kiss me and smile for me.

  1. It’s not that hard to pack- easier than an overnighter cause all you have to bring is pajamas to wear home (I treat myself to a new costco pair every time). WHATEVER you do- do not forget chapstick, this is not a normal pack thing for me but the hospital circulates air and DANG them lips gets chapped! Have so much fun, I wish it was me!!! Seriously, I wish it was me!

  2. you are hilarious, i would also laugh every time if i was singing that song 🙂 honestly, i packed my bag about a month ahead of time since it seemed like it was the only thing i had control over! l&d will be okay, i promise. call or text me if you have any questions. i had to call a friend to make sure i was actually having real contractions 😉 xoxoxo

  3. We watched the BYU/Utah game 2 years ago while I was in labor with Fisher. BYU lost while I timed very painful, very frequent contractions. And we were watching the game with friends… so that got kind of awkward. It was miserable all around. I’m going to pray that your baby comes before or after, but not during the game.

    Also, you don’t need to pack your bag yet. And I second the chapstick recommendation.

  4. Been thinking about you! So excited for your arrival. Bring a camera with an extra battery (of coarse coming from the photographer) Bring a premie outfit and a regular 0-3 month one because you never know what size the baby will be. Oh and adjust the car seat straps to really small before hand. Those are my two cents. I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOUR LITTLE MAN

  5. I had a baby in September. Bad timing. Football everywhere in the hospital room. It made me grouchy. Jeremy loved it. He loved it so much he forgot that he had 4 children, who were all climbing on me and screaming/running around our 10×10 room. At least, it’s your first, and possibly can hold cute baby while BYU kicks trash.

    Don’t worry about the bags. It’s custom that if you pack, your baby will never come. It’s so much more fun to run around the house, in the middle of hard contractions, leaking water everywhere, and pack some sort of bag. Then you can forget the camera, and make your stressed husband (he’s wondering if he’ll be delivering the baby in the car) drive back to retrieve it. Not that I’ve totally done that….4 times.

  6. I always made sure I packed a pair of socks. My feet would get cold in the hospital! As far as what you’ll wear home… probably maternity clothes, as sick of them as you may be. So excited for you to meet your sweet baby! (And you are going to LOVE not being pregnant anymore, too! 🙂

  7. I packed a bag with snacks, clothes for me and baby, and a few odds and ends. The only thing I ended up using was the baby’s onesie because I delivered so fast I didn’t need anything while laboring. The clothes I brought didn’t fit (even though they were maternity pants!! I just hadn’t needed to wear pants in Arizona, so I didn’t realize they didn’t fit anymore…and I was wearing my shorts and skirts, I wasn’t about to pack those away in a bag that might not be used for a few weeks) so I ended up wearing Kyle’s athletic shorts home. So glamorous!

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