let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads.

christian informed me the ipad is loaded up with seinfeld episodes. episodes, that for the most part, i have not seen. yes, i know about man hands and the soup nazi and elaine’s dancing, but there are so many jokes and references i miss.

seinfeld would not be my first choice for hospital viewing pleasure.

it’s already been established that i’m more of a teeny bopper/cheesy type television watcher. gilmore girls. veronica mars. the o.c. what i like about you. icarly. psych. ncis. speaking of ncis – it serendipitously returns the same day this little babyo is scheduled to arrive.

i am also an any kind of dance movie lover, as well as anything with hilary duff or pre-mental break down amanda bynes. honey. stomp the yard. step up. footloose. dirty dancing havana nights. save the last dance. you get the idea. what a girl wants. the lizzie mcguire movie. it drives christian crazy when he catches me watching these movies.

but my real media kryptonite is the fast and furious franchise. fast6.jpg

i’ll let that sink in.

this truth about me shocks just about everyone, but probably not christian.

those movies combine my love of latin beats, dancing, world travel, ludacris, tyrese, paul walker, vin diesel and fast cars. oh wait, in real life i do not like driving fast, let alone in crazy car chases on steep cliffs. i also do not like guns. being near them or shooting them or seeing them. but somehow i love all the fast and furious movies.

i screamed at the end of fast five during the post-credits scene. i was really looking forward to the next installment and despite feeling pretty awful, meagan and i had a date earlier this summer to see fast six. it was all we were hoping for and more. we may have been the obnoxious movie goers laughing extra loud and screaming even louder throughout.

and this little babyo who is about to make his debut, he loved every minute of it.

chasing cars; snow patrol


2 thoughts on “let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads.

  1. Loved seeing that movie with you! Someday when Mario is much older, you will have to introduce him to the wonderful franchise, or maybe it will still be going! Probably only in my dreams…

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