banana bread.

two saturdays ago i think the nesting finally hit me:39 weeks.jpg

  • i cleaned out one of our freezers and made an inventory.
  • in the process i pulled out six frozen bananas and set them on the counter to defrost.
  • i cleaned the kitchen and was about to clean the stove but then decided to make a huge pot of lentil soup instead.
  • christian was mad i froze half the soup.
  • i texted becky to see if you could freeze banana bread batter, rather than cooking the loaves and then freezing them.
  • i ran out of time and decided to make the bread on sunday.
  • i got caught up on thank you cards and made more thank you cards.

becky responded and said she wasn’t sure, which is what i found in my online research as well. but becky also assumed i was in labor, because why else would i ask about freezing batter rather than just cooking the bread?

i laughed off her query. the babyo actually seemed quite content to stay inside.

sunday came and i made a decision that would be my last time at church if i was still pregnant the following sunday. i couldn’t handle all the same comments about me still being pregnant or how i was feeling. i was feeling ready to be done being pregnant and at the same time scared out of my brains to make that happen.

it turns out i didn’t have time to make the banana bread on sunday either. monday. i’ll make it monday, i planned.

but that night the babyo seemed to be crazier than normal. i had a hard time falling asleep. at 12:30am when my water broke i thought about those bananas.

i made sure to put them back in the freezer before we headed to the hospital.


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