asher christian.

staying at a hospital is kind of like staying at a hotel, that is, if you stay at hotels where people barge in every 30 minutes to check your temperature and blood pressure. on the other hand, both have ice machines and room service…

since the baby was born at almost 10pm the doctor wanted to keep us an extra night to ensure he was eating well. they also wanted to discharge him when he was a few hours older.

an almost three-day hospital stay means many more nurses. and lactation specialists. and pediatricians. there were baby shots in the middle of the night. and a hearing test and a heart test.

with every new person came the same question: what’s the baby’s name?

we still weren’t decided. i was decided, but we were not.

after my first night of sleepless excitement, exhaustion hit along with every part of my body aching.

the next day while kristen and sara visited, christian said the baby was asher. i stared at him and asked if he was sure. our little babyo would be asher christian .

asher because i have loved that name for years. i love its history and meaning. asher was the son of jacob and leah’s handmaid zilpah. leah was the one to name him. happy am i, she said. other definitions include blessed and fortunate, which seemed fitting considering what we went through to get this little guy.

christian because it is christian’s middle name, and it is a middle name on my danish line.

on the third day we were ready to be discharged. christian packed up the car and returned with the car seat. this thing is heavy! he said. the nurse and i pointed out that he had brought the car seat still attached to the base. christian made a trip back out to the car with most of our things, including that base. we looked around our hospital room one last time and with our little baby made our way out of the hospital.

our nurse seemed concerned, are you okay with walking?? she explained that there was a wheelchair outside my room. i saw that, christian said, but i just thought it was for the next person using our room. i was fine with walking, i was just very slow at walking.

once we were loaded up, we made the drive home which already felt different because there was a little person making the drive with us.


11 thoughts on “asher christian.

  1. Christian’s face is my favorite in that final picture. Such a proud dad. I love baby Asher! Perfect name for a perfect baby.

    1. he is really cute with asher! it kills me! although we need to work on his baby grabbing skills – he seems to think the smallest squeak from the baby means he needs to go and pick him up!

  2. We are beyond excited for you guys! I love the name Asher (it was one that was on my list but didn’t make it onto our list). Asher Christian is just perfect!

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