two weeks.jpggrowing up my sisters and i were expert ticklers.

not the kind where you attack someone into compulsion… but the kind where you barely touch the skin, drawing on arms and hands. the tingly sensation is our favorite. i remember rocking both baby sisters to sleep and using the same technique to trace the features of their faces. eyebrows. noses. cheeks. lips.

christian did not grow up with an abiding love of this kind of tickling. in fact, pretty much any touching on or near his face of any kind is off-limits.

he thinks i purposefully try to tickle him, but honestly i forget that he hates it until he squirms away from me as if in pain.

he “claims” that when he was a baby his mom would stroke his face and his baby self would swat her hand away. this story filled me with dread as we awaited our little babyo. i know it’s a silly wish, but i wished so hard that he’d take after me and love those tickles. i couldn’t imagine a world where i wasn’t able to give my babyo those little fofinhos.

lucky for me asher allows the gentle tracing of his little nose.
his blonde eyebrows.
his puckery lips.
his soft cheeks.

two weeks2.jpg{two weeks}


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