my little man.

during high school i was a life guard at perry pool in phoenix. perry

it was an awesome summer job. not only did you get to work on your tan but you would get countless boyfriend offers from random swimmers, young and old.

i also got to teach the infant/toddler swim lessons and coach the younger perry piranha swim team.

my pool was predominantly hispanic. for whatever reason within that community we had an issue with women attempting to sun bathe in their underwear rather than swimming suit. this probably wouldn’t have been a problem, accept their underwear was usually of the see-through white variety. on average the grown men were not the best of swimmers. they would like to congregate near the deep end guard chair. as they doggy-paddled down below, they’d ask, hey lifeguard lady, do you have a boyfriend?

our pool was sponsored by subway each summer allowing kids to swim for free, which is a bargain if you use your local swimming pool as an all day day-care. on more than one occasion we’d have to ban little, tough guy 8-year old arturo and his even smaller brother for causing trouble. but they didn’t have anywhere to go until 8pm when their dad picked them up. and so we’d relent. arturo would be back to his role as shallow-end ring leader.

we also had a lot of kids who would break the rules and wouldn’t respond to english being yelled through the megaphone. when we’d switch it up and yell, ¡no corras! instead, they would be visibly perplexed. unsure of which language to pretend they didn’t speak. they’d give us a sideways glance, and their run would turn in to more of a speed walk across the slick cement.

to get the little swimmers’ attention i’d refer to all the boys as little man

little man, don’t hang on the rope! little man, you can’t dive there! little man, slow down!

now i have my very own little man. hopefully, he’ll obey the lifeguards if we ever live somewhere hot and sunny with pools.

the last party before he arrived was so much fun. it was full of blues and greens, mustaches, taco time ice, treats, so many friends, and a photo booth. i had a blast with several of my primary kids and young women there.

many thanks to kristen, lisa, sara and tallie for such an amazing shower. and to all the other friends who helped and came to celebrate our little man.

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{pictures courtesy of kerri and kali}


4 thoughts on “my little man.

  1. Cute shower! {and…I learn something new about you…didn’t know you were a lifeguard! You are a wealth of interesting-ness.}

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