i will possess your heart.

halloween 2012.jpgfor almost a year now, there have been three movie ticket stubs on our fridge. periodically christian tries to take them down and throw them away. each time i rescue those precious stubs and return them to the fridge.

those stubs are more than just tickets. they are more than just the movie. they are memories of last fall. they are my niece.

when we skyped months later, she would remember that i made her a little bed (i borrowed a friend’s crib mattress) and that uncle performed some pretty impressive belches in her presence.

i would remember what it was to love someone little so fiercely.

one day she asked if we could go see hotel transylvania. my sister-in-law and i were happy to oblige. on the way home we picked out some pumpkins. we spent the evening painting and carving them.

her leaving left my house, and some part of my heart, empty.

until last month.

a new little person has stolen my heart.10.17.13.jpg

even when he successfully pees on both his mom and dad in the same day, i couldn’t love him more.

and those movie tickets… they’re still making me smile each time i open the fridge.

i will possess your heart; death cab for cutie


4 thoughts on “i will possess your heart.

  1. That picture is adorable. I get a little emotional every time I come to your blog these days. I’m so happy your sweet little boy got to come to such a loving home. I would give anything to meet that little guy 🙂

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