looking back.

during sunday school this week the question was posed as to why we should do our family history as well as temple work for our ancestors. for me, who i am is largely shaped by where i come from. there is power in knowing who we are and from whom we are descended.

i stopped keeping a journal after my lds mission. my reason for doing so seemed like a logical one at the time. i felt like there were things in my life, outside of my control, which were greatly impacting me and i did not want to record them. i didn’t want my children and my children’s children reading about the bad.

unfortunately my decision to cease writing meant i missed recording all the good of the past 13 years. along with all the hard as well as all the miraculous. i realized there were things i did want my children’s children to know.

my last years of college | my amazing broadcast journalism group | wonderful roommates and friends | september 11th | graduation | my years in washington dc | maryland, virginia, new york, boston, philadelphia, north carolina, tennessee | milestones in the lives of my siblings | asia’s accident | my first tv station | my dc girls | singles wards | terrible dating decisions | my first car | the dc sniper | concerts, plays & shows | christian | africa | hurricane katrina | half marathons | my second tv station | reporting | harrisonburg | peru | marriage | our seattle apartment | port angeles, hawaii, victoria, vancouver, portland, san juan islands, cancun, the dominican republic | my jobs | working with the young women | president hinckley’s death | st. johns | my grandparents deaths | niece & nephews | summers with rachel | recurrent pregnancy loss | buying a house | my sunday school kids | italy | asher

and so i’ve been writing.

filling up the pages of a new, crisp journal. writing so much that my finger aches the way it used to in school when you actually had to write everything.

in the remembering there has been pain. but there has also been joy.

i have relied on dedicated record-keeper christian to look up dates for me. specifically our meeting at a house party in 2003 and our re-meeting at a fireside with elder scott in 2004.

shockingly when he looked up september 13, 2003 my name was no where in his account of that party. maybe there is something to be said for looking back. from this perspective i can connect the dots.

i can remember how a chance meeting at a house in crystal city, with a boy in a soccer jersey, would have a lasting impact on my life.

summer 2005
summer 2005

the dance; garth brooks


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