baby room.

baby room

this morning i heard his little stirrings in the next room over. it sounded like he was kicking off his blankets while he yawned. i stepped in the room, opened his curtains and looked down at his little face. his whole face lit up and he smiled at me. it is moments like that when i am stunned that there is a baby in this little crib. in this room. in my house.

ever since we moved in to this house i have called his room the baby room. even when it was empty it was the baby room.

two christmases ago i picked out a blue i loved and we painted the room while listening to flight of the conchords. it would be many months later when i’d finally feel ready to set the room up. several pieces had waited patiently over the years.

20140118-135328.jpgi bought these fantastic mr. fox prints two years ago. i especially love that the son’s name is ash.

stars story people | stained glass star | origami mobile

monsters we purchased the monsters inc. print for the room while at disneyland. i think it’s extra significant since we didn’t know i was pregnant. asher loves looking up at this print especially. he just smiles and laughs. | christian’s super hero stamp collection.

artstar art | langston hughes quote by my momprimary song by christian’s sister

when we first brought asher home i remember showing him his room. those first few nights he’d only sleep on us while in the chair. sitting in that chair, with him on my lap is one of my very favorite spots in the whole house.


3 thoughts on “baby room.

  1. seeing those two watercolors together makes me feel like an amateur! your mom’s painting was what i was going for!–it’s gorgeous.

  2. So many things you write about bring back my own memories! We also had a “baby room” long before we had a baby. For a long time I couldn’t even walk into that room because it just hurt too much. One of my favorite things right now is going up there with my Kate and watching her pull all her books off her bookshelf and look through them, in that room that I wanted so badly to be occupied. 😉

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