oh baby, telephone.

i hadn’t planned on giving asher much for his first birthday. he already had plenty of toys and household objects to keep his attention. besides, one year olds think cardboard and wooden spoons are amazing.

one day in september we were leisurely cruising through costco. he loves riding in shopping carts as well as eating the little whopper sized samples. that day he was feasting on toast with jam and indian curry.

we’d made our way to the book display, and that’s when it happened. he was beyond excited. he spotted a book with a green tractor on the front. he was making so much noise and motioning for it that people around us stopped to watch and laugh. i couldn’t ignore his enthusiasm. i was coerced by my child to make a purchase.

amid all the christmas frenzy i walked up and down the toy aisles with asher in the shopping cart. i wanted to see what caught his eye. i already planned on a very minimal christmas with bath fizzies at the top of the list. hearing him gasp at all the fun things made me almost want to buy up things willy nilly. but he was a fickle toy lover, as most toddlers tend to be. as soon as he had a beanie baby in his clutches, he discarded it for go go police car which quickly fell to the wayside for a thomas the train.

it has been incredible to watch his preferences take shape.

early on it was clocks, lights, watches, tags, balls and steam.

soon dogs became his favorite. daily he watches our neighbor’s dog out our back windows.

he loves anything that goes vroom; garbage trucks, semis, tractors, buses, cars. he hears every airplane that flies overhead, even while we are inside the house. he shows me a modified version of the airplane sign and adds a sound effect.

he picks out every bird, no matter how high up in the sky, and snaps his fingers against his thumb.

lately he fancies light switches (especially the one that turns on the bathroom fan), kitchen utensils, our slippers (worn on his hands), earbuds and all remote controls.

around nine months i casually began introducing a few signs, but i wasn’t consistent and didn’t pick it back up until several months later. somewhere in there he started showing us a sign in earnest. he’d hold one hand out while rubbing his pointer finger across his palm. we were puzzled. we didn’t recognize it at all. frustrated that we weren’t understanding him, he’d get a little overzealous with the rubbing. frantically trying to communicate with us.

after some speculation we realized he had invented his very own sign… for our iphones.

christmas loot 2014our reluctance to let him play with the desired phones has not deterred his requests. sometimes, first thing in the morning, he eagerly asks for it. or during church when he sees someone on an ipad. or at a restaurant when someone nearby is texting.

this kid is cuckoo for electronics.

needless to say, santa will not be bringing little whopper a smart phone this christmas.

hello! ma baby; howard and emerson


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