this last week i spent some time with a deaf sister from my congregation in her home. my attempts to communicate involved lots of arms and hands speaking a made up sign language. i understood her thank yous and i did a sloppy you’re welcome, my hand signing a w but moving in the wrong … More enough.


he started the night in his crib but around 2am he was wedged between us. by 6am yesterday he was tossing and turning. my body tensed, not wanting to make any movements that would bring him all the way out of his slumber. an hour passed. he rolled closer to me. the room still dark … More tracking.

baby room.

this morning i heard his little stirrings in the next room over. it sounded like he was kicking off his blankets while he yawned. i stepped in the room, opened his curtains and looked down at his little face. his whole face lit up and he smiled at me. it is moments like that when … More baby room.