fancy pants.

why do you have to make something fancy?? christian asks. i usually ignore him. from day one he’s said things like, we don’t need to use napkins, paper towels work fine. or why are you using serving dishes? it’s just getting one more thing dirty. or you don’t need to make a dessert. quickly you … More fancy pants.

vamos a comer.

the week of thanksgiving work was pretty stressful. i felt it start in my head and travel into my neck and shoulders until it set up camp in my back. it was seriously the mother of all knots. i requested back rubs of christian. that’s what husbands are there for, right? he kindly offered to … More vamos a comer.

my mario.

earlier this week when we got the reminder email about our church halloween party my eyes bugged out when i saw our name listed under the soup list. “why did you say we’d bring soup!?”  the young women were semi-in charge of the party and i was helping to corral all the plans. i assumed … More my mario.


our little town has different banners over the main two streets for upcoming events. there was the fishing derby. and music in the park. and the kids’ festival… the maple valley days poster is up. that makes nearly one year since we moved in to our very own house in this green forest of suburbia … More celebrate.

happy birthday, husband.

i go crazy for treats. it doesn’t take much. slurpees. french fries. milkshakes. bite size twix. 50¢ safeway doughnuts. see? i’m not kidding. the littlest treats make me go bonkers. and the treats that take a little extra effort aren’t too shabby either. such as the utz honey bbq chips personally flown special as carry-on … More happy birthday, husband.