baby room.

this morning i heard his little stirrings in the next room over. it sounded like he was kicking off his blankets while he yawned. i stepped in the room, opened his curtains and looked down at his little face. his whole face lit up and he smiled at me. it is moments like that when … More baby room.

my little man.

during high school i was a life guard at perry pool in phoenix. it was an awesome summer job. not only did you get to work on your tan but you would get countless boyfriend offers from random swimmers, young and old. i also got to teach the infant/toddler swim lessons and coach the younger … More my little man.

little whopper.

i am not a good test taker. never have been. i can study and research and practice but in the moment i tend to panic. especially when faced with multiple choice answers. every answer starts to look correct. i struggle through my confusion and cringe when i see the final grade. i approached the whole … More little whopper.

banana bread.

two saturdays ago i think the nesting finally hit me: i cleaned out one of our freezers and made an inventory. in the process i pulled out six frozen bananas and set them on the counter to defrost. i cleaned the kitchen and was about to clean the stove but then decided to make a … More banana bread.

let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads.

christian informed me the ipad is loaded up with seinfeld episodes. episodes, that for the most part, i have not seen. yes, i know about man hands and the soup nazi and elaine’s dancing, but there are so many jokes and references i miss. seinfeld would not be my first choice for hospital viewing pleasure. … More let’s waste time chasing cars around our heads.

my vatican prayer.

this time last year i was getting my sister checked in to college and christian was building a wall in the back yard. i flew back to seattle with a night to unpack and repack for our trip to italy the next day. it was a trip we often talked about over the years. christian … More my vatican prayer.