not quite.

sitting in a salon chair is tricky business. you are vulnerable, oftentimes at the mercy of a complete stranger. the plot thickens further when you try to save a few bucks and get your hair done at a beauty school. when i first moved to d.c. i met two cute girls who attended graham webb … More not quite.

kindred spirits.

“when marilla and anne went home diana went with them as far as the log bridge. the two little girls walked with their arms about each other. at the brook they parted with many promises to spend the next afternoon together. “well, did you find diana a kindred spirit?” asked marilla as they went up … More kindred spirits.

a warring world.

war seems to surround us. the war on drugs. the war on terror. the war on disease. the war on hunger. on our radios, televisions and in our offices politicians and civilians war with words. during a volatile election year it is unavoidable. real wars rage across the earth while less bloody ones rage in … More a warring world.

this is the morning.

almost 3 years ago millions of people made a pilgrimage. they filled rome’s st. peter’s square. weeping. wailing. mourning. cardinals convened and the conclave commenced. for a day and a half we eagerly watched, and waited for the black smoke to turn white. i was taken in by the archaic rites of the papal passing. … More this is the morning.

a review.

over the holidays i finished reading “miss honey’s school bus” by richard scarry. this was a book i’d been meaning to read but hadn’t had the time to sit down and tackle it. it is one of mr. scarry’s newer puzzle/book combos for youngsters. i had delved into his other works such as “cars and … More a review.