looking back.

during sunday school this week the question was posed as to why we should do our family history as well as temple work for our ancestors. for me, who i am is largely shaped by where i come from. there is power in knowing who we are and from whom we are descended. i stopped … More looking back.

my vatican prayer.

this time last year i was getting my sister checked in to college and christian was building a wall in the back yard. i flew back to seattle with a night to unpack and repack for our trip to italy the next day. it was a trip we often talked about over the years. christian … More my vatican prayer.


there is a baby name list saved on my phone with entirely too many names. three of them christian continually deletes and then i re-add them. agnes has been the ongoing fight. i’m pretty sure i’m not going to win this fight, but like fievel learns in the american tail, never say never! so i … More roma.

but hera.

for years christian has been getting buffalo mozzarella from costco. when he discovered that our costco carried it he was beyond thrilled. he eagerly explained how it was the real deal. how it was imported from italy. how it was delicious. all of his exclamations fell on deaf ears (literally). when i looked at his … More but hera.