lost in pompeii.

we had been sitting on the un-moving train for a while. it was now 40 minutes late. we avoided eye contact with the singing beggars – shoving their overturned tambourine in our faces. i was trying to figure out why they were belting out la bamba on a train in italy. an hour behind schedule … More lost in pompeii.


as soon as we had parallel parked i attempted to peel myself out of the car. the drive to orvieto had been longer than planned and the sun was already starting to set. i stretched my legs and noticed robyn was motioning for me to follow her with such an urgency that i was sure … More orvieto.

torna a surriento.

there is a commercial featuring a cute little fiat driving past beautiful italian cliff towns. the road is vacant, allowing the pint-sized car to speed through the curves, until it ultimately plunges off a pier and emerges, an immigrant, in new york city. i love it. i love the music and the tiny cars. i … More torna a surriento.

samba pa ti.

missionaries probably shouldn’t have favorite areas just like parents shouldn’t have favorite children, and yet, valinhos stole my heart. i spent six long months in my first area. four of those with a very difficult companion. i was ready for a change.   change came moving me to the other side of the mission. our new … More samba pa ti.


12 years ago i was on the longest, and first red-eye, flight i had ever been on up until that point. we were approaching são paulo. it took my eyes a while to adjust and my brain even longer to realize what exactly i was seeing. the night sky was filled with millions of lights below. … More overwhelmed.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

we wish you the best in 2010! please don’t be fooled by our lack of christmas card & letter, we were definitely thinking of you. we were wishing you a very merry christmas from seattle. we even meant to send you a card, well, an e-card. we just got a little sidetracked by a neighboring … More ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!