who rides upon the stormy sky and calms the roaring sea.

when running errands i try to find a nearby activity to do with asher. sometimes it ends up just being a loop around the grocery store. but for him, eating that bakery cookie and hoarding entirely too many blueberry samples from the produce section, it is heavenly. without realizing it i have developed an extra … More who rides upon the stormy sky and calms the roaring sea.

78 weeks.

what would you do, if you could do anything? christian asked. would you go back to school? my heartbeat quickened. i don’t know. i muttered, a little embarrassed. a nervousness filled me that hasn’t abated. hearing you can do anything with a communications degree is just about as helpful as being told you can do … More 78 weeks.

i believe.

this summer, sitting in a cushioned chair at the paramount, i realized i was ashamed of a decision i had made. we had been curious. i admit i find occasional south park episodes amusing and harmless. i understood the show’s content would be potentially questionable yet i was still interested in seeing it for myself. … More i believe.

my vatican prayer.

this time last year i was getting my sister checked in to college and christian was building a wall in the back yard. i flew back to seattle with a night to unpack and repack for our trip to italy the next day. it was a trip we often talked about over the years. christian … More my vatican prayer.