growing pains.

on my tanner side there are quite a bit of cousins. we grew up spending the week of pioneer day in st. johns. that northeastern arizona town holds so much of my family history and a large chunk of my heart. i am cousin #9 with the stylish sunglasses. cousin #1 is eliza. despite the … More growing pains.

we are young.

if you ever want to be reminded that you are, perhaps, no longer as young as you like to think, step in to a zumiez. that’s what leslie and i did one chilly, early january morning. we got to the outlets when they opened at 10am that saturday. right along with all the other senior … More we are young.


i remember the first time i held baby mak. she was just one month old. i thought she was beautiful. just looking at her overwhelmed me. i loved her and part of me wished she was mine. holding her parents’ hands and walking down to the beach they promised she’d see, my brother told her … More happy.

laugh it up, fuzzball!

confession:i have not consistently kept a journal since sometime in high school and my scrap-booking chronology tapers off somewhere after returning from my mission in 2000. with that statement alone i’m surprised christian and i ever had a second date. he has written in his journal religiously since he was eight. we first met in … More laugh it up, fuzzball!

that’s enough.

my brother and sister-in-law were in the process of finding a new house. they had to meet the landlord and sign all the paper work. i eagerly volunteered to keep my niece so they could focus on the house. she is a riot and it kills me that i get to see her so little. … More that’s enough.