78 weeks.

what would you do, if you could do anything? christian asked. would you go back to school? my heartbeat quickened. i don’t know. i muttered, a little embarrassed. a nervousness filled me that hasn’t abated. hearing you can do anything with a communications degree is just about as helpful as being told you can do … More 78 weeks.

i believe.

this summer, sitting in a cushioned chair at the paramount, i realized i was ashamed of a decision i had made. we had been curious. i admit i find occasional south park episodes amusing and harmless. i understood the show’s content would be potentially questionable yet i was still interested in seeing it for myself. … More i believe.

something in between.

due to my position at church i have access to people’s feelings and concerns. women approach me when they are in need, are frustrated or want me to take action. something that i did not expect is an overwhelming sentiment spanning the divide of age and position. it is loneliness. so many perceive they do not … More something in between.

lord business.

we had driven past their little stand once already. they’d been faithfully manning it for a few hours now. the mildly warm temperature brings out a kind of frenzy here. people in shorts and tank tops pack the trails. everyone has their garage doors open while they squeeze in some outdoor projects before the inevitable … More lord business.