my little man.

during high school i was a life guard at perry pool in phoenix. it was an awesome summer job. not only did you get to work on your tan but you would get countless boyfriend offers from random swimmers, young and old. i also got to teach the infant/toddler swim lessons and coach the younger … More my little man.


we didn’t do a very good job of spacing out our celebrations. one month after our anniversary is my birthday. and a week after that is valentines. christian’s birthday hangs out all alone at the end of summer. early on christian warned me of his anti-valentine’s day sentiments. but little surprises always appear. that very … More valentine.

king tut.

i remember sitting through long slide-shows narrated by my grandpa of far-off lands. he and my granny traveled often, bringing us back chinese hats or scandinavian dresses. he had a particular affinity for ancient egypt. in third grade i was in a gifted class called pace. once a week a group of us got on … More king tut.

and who shall I blame for this sweet and heavy trouble?*

the summer of 1991 was a big deal for me. it was the summer before 8th grade and my reign as student body president. victory was mine thanks to a great speech penned by my parents wherein i took on the persona of stormin’ norman. actually, exit polls showed it was my empty promises of … More and who shall I blame for this sweet and heavy trouble?*

laugh it up, fuzzball!

confession:i have not consistently kept a journal since sometime in high school and my scrap-booking chronology tapers off somewhere after returning from my mission in 2000. with that statement alone i’m surprised christian and i ever had a second date. he has written in his journal religiously since he was eight. we first met in … More laugh it up, fuzzball!