looking back.

during sunday school this week the question was posed as to why we should do our family history as well as temple work for our ancestors. for me, who i am is largely shaped by where i come from. there is power in knowing who we are and from whom we are descended. i stopped … More looking back.


you know how some babies are born with distinct characteristics? i think christian’s was loving football. the redskins specifically. there are stories told of baby him being super content to watch football with his dad. or the times he’d sneak a radio to bed with him, with the volume turned down low to hear the … More rookie.

how did you end up here?

i spend lots of time these days researching. google search after google search using different search terms. ovulation. fertility. infertility. miscarriage. multiple miscarriages. clomid and abdominal pain.  follicles. clomid and follicles. grief. how to not be upset when your period starts. support groups. i read articles and scan forums. the majority of which are laden … More how did you end up here?


i have a pretty good track record of making great friends of other faiths: in 5th grade my best friend was a born again christian. i’d often attend her activities including one very uncomfortable carman concert that blatantly made fun of mormon missionaries. not surprisingly she was never allowed to come with me to mine. … More amizade.

the baby hairs.

sometimes i have a bad day. sometimes the baby hairs have a bad day. my cousin and i would always covet girls with beautiful, shampoo commercial, swishy hair. come to think of it, i think most of her girls were born with that amazing sleeping beauty-esque hair. actually aurora’s hair is what i always aspired … More the baby hairs.


an aspect of the northwest i have yet to embrace is the vivid time change. we plunge into darkness during the four o’clock hour. dark commutes meet constant rain and i find myself sitting, motionless on a bridge. eight miles slowly become 60 minutes. last night i sat on that bridge, as reports poured in … More darkness.