i am usually on the planning end of a shower. after dozens and dozens of showers i am much more comfortable with that role. i thought perhaps i could just deflect the focus on me and meet up with friends for a casual lunch or something of the sort. but tally and debi had a … More showered.

vamos a comer.

the week of thanksgiving work was pretty stressful. i felt it start in my head and travel into my neck and shoulders until it set up camp in my back. it was seriously the mother of all knots. i requested back rubs of christian. that’s what husbands are there for, right? he kindly offered to … More vamos a comer.

taco time testifying.

i was raised immersed in religion. immersed in a gospel that spoke of eternity, choices and standing in holy places. while i consider temples to be holy places on earth, i have experienced other hallowed grounds. locations that have startled me with their sacredness, much like a an ordinary bush must have taken moses by … More taco time testifying.

and when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me.

running on the trail this morning with my friend we spoke of illness and suffering. we spoke of loss and death. we spoke of our knowledge of eternity and despite that understanding, the very tangible reality of grief. several years ago while serving as young women president, one of my new beehives tragically lost one … More and when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me.

we talk of christ.

a week ago we were meeting up with our friends for a delicious dinner at skillet before a sounders game. we arrived a little early and had fun driving around our old city. it felt like home but also felt funny that we didn’t just live up madison anymore. christian took me for a walk … More we talk of christ.

quatro de mayo.

sometime in april i opened a cookie revealing this fortune: usually my fortunes read more like ambiguous well wishes that could be meant for anyone depending on how you interpret it. that night, eating that chocolate dipped fortune cookie i felt like it was meant just for me. that same day bossman emailed my office … More quatro de mayo.


i have a pretty good track record of making great friends of other faiths: in 5th grade my best friend was a born again christian. i’d often attend her activities including one very uncomfortable carman concert that blatantly made fun of mormon missionaries. not surprisingly she was never allowed to come with me to mine. … More amizade.