just to be clear, this is not a cake blog.

i love cupcakes and the band cake. but i also really love one random episode of that 70s show that i watched with my then, 16-year old sister.

after we recovered from laughing, lovingcake was born.

it all started in my late 20s. i was a single reporter stranded in small town virginia with two super wal-marts, tractor-trailer accidents and poultry plants. it was a way to escape structured tv news with all of its rules. it allowed me to report creatively and tell stories that weren’t always hard-hitting and breaking, but still relevant and personal to me.

it adapted as my life changed. a marriage. a cross-country move. a new city. a struggle for friends. a loss of career. a day job that seemed ripped from the scripts of “the office.” a side-lay job at church as a youth minister and a love affair with aprons, recipes and kitchens.

through it all i heavily incorporate my faith.

currently i write about; my church service teaching an adult sunday school class, finding happiness when things do not go as planned, being patient, having hope in the midst of heartache, recurrent pregnancy loss (category=agnes) and how those losses continue to affect me.

i also write about my little whoppers.