do you realize?

i have been married for exactly one month… and for some reason kate thinks that justifies me having something miraculous to say… well, we shall see. 5 things you may not know about me:

1. i’ve written in my journal every day since 8th grade.
2. my birthday falls on a tragic day in u.s. history, but hey, i was born first.
3. i crashed a prom in the middle of quincy, illinois when i was 25.
4. i have a scar from the 1996 hfestival at rfk stadium while no doubt was playing.
5. i went to law school because i didn’t have anything else to do.

oh wait, that is actually five things you may not have known about christian. now you know. let’s try this again:

1. when i was little i was mistaken for a boy… or an alien. my parents tried to correct this error but then i think they must have given in to the obvious judging by some of my outfits in the late 70s/early 80s. my dad took me to a few fathers and sons outings where i was the only girl running around with the boys. and i always wanted hotwheels for christmas. my dad’s bandmates would call me a little alien due to the size of my very large, very bald head.

2. i made my tv debut at an early age. for anyone who was raised in arizona in the 80s, a staple in any home was the wallace & ladmo show. it was watched religiously… and every child coveted a ladmo bag. i won a spot on the kids show by my artistic rendition of gerald’s pants falling off… revealing his flowered boxers.

3. i’m a sucker for twilight zone marathons. for that matter pretty much any marathons. (that’s how i got hooked on the oc (r.i.p.), a marathon was playing on the fx channel while i was working out… i just kept running.) anyways, every time i get onto an airplane i think of that one episode where the big hairy beast was tearing off parts of the wing. even after our wedding while we stayed at a bed and breakfast near port angeles, wa i demanded we watch the new year’s marathon! surprisingly there were ones i had never seen.

4. meeting my super hero in real life was heartbreaking. it’s common for kids to become enamored with a superhero… but usually they don’t fall in love with one who is abnormally tall and muscular, bright green, with shaggy hair and shredded purple pants… i however, fell in love with just that. every morning after the wallace & ladmo show i’d watch the incredible hulk. i was an extremely devoted viewer for such a small kid. i would practice my hulk flex around the house and i’d even bless the hulk “to be protected and save the ladies” in my prayers… one day my parents took me to a car show, where none other than lou ferrigno would be. i had a picture of the hulk for him to sign… i carefully approached the giant (but not so green) man only to be kind of blown off… i was stunned. he didn’t talk to me at all. he autographed my picture and that was it. my parents tried to explain that he had severe hearing loss… but it was too late, i was crushed.

5. i attended six different schools in five different cities. i took advantage of the moves as a way to propell my political career. in third grade i accepted my first appointed office to student council at frank elementary school (go panthers!) in guadalupe, arizona. next up would be student body president at yucca mesa elementary school (go roadrunners!). i moved to that california school in the middle of fifth grade and ran for president later that year. the same thing happened at madison #1 (go wildcats!) in phoenix. i moved there in 7th grade and ran that same year for student body president. the black spot on my career would have to be my campaign for freshman class president at north high (go mustangs!). matt* kicked my butt but only after i convinced him to run in the race (he was going to pull out). i made up for it by being the student body president of public relations two years in a row. there you go, that was about as long winded as a real politician! maybe that experience will pay off when i’m senator some day!



4 thoughts on “do you realize?

  1. >Love the list! You threw me for a loop with the Christian list at first…I’m thinking “what tragic holiday does robin’s birthday fall on?” Who doesn’t love a good curveball? And tell Christian that I went to med school for much the same reason. 😉

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